Professional concrete resurface/overlay systems

  • Broom finish
  • Stencil finishes
  • Stampable overlay.
Concrete resurface is the best way to make you driveway like new again at half the cost to replacement! Our system is specifically designed to adhere to your concrete after proper preparation. This concrete has a rating of 7000psi!! Which is over twice as strong as your concrete pour. TITAN uses a professional grade crack repair with a concrete mesh system to repair any cracks in your driveway. This way the finished product does not show any cracks or divets in the concrete. This system can be done with a broom finish, a stencil pattern or a stampable over lay! Each system has many designs, color options and sealants to choose from! Why waist your money on replacement when you can refinish over what you got at a fraction of the cost!
  • Professional concrete coatings
  • Epoxy metallic system
  • Poly Aspartic
  • Acid and semi transparent floor systems
  • Professional concrete sealants.

Garage floor systems Polyaspartic system is a floor system that offers the most durable surface you can get! This system has a lifetime bond warranty to concrete! This system has many different finishes to choose from such as, flake, wood, sand and glitter!

Acid stains- TITAN offers the best professional basement floor finishes out there. TITAN will properly prep the concrete floors for the stain and the sealants to bond properly to offer the longest lasting finish possible for homeowners. Also this system allows for easy maintenance to make sure the floor staying looking great for many years to come!

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